We've had a bit of a spring clean at your local station and have made a few changes to the schedule.

Graeme Blakey (below) joins us to help us 'Relax' at 10pm every Monday to Thursday. Graeme is a former taxi driver who lovesthe medium of radio and he is excited to play you some great songs to help you chill out.


Meanwhile we've got a couple of new shows for weekends. Soul On Saturday is at 5pm and there's always a great selection of those classic songs. The Country Show happens Every Sunday at 11pm playing a wide mix of those favourites along with some current songs.


The Northern Beat moves to a new slot on Sundays at 10pm with a new co-presenter, Tom Pattison, joining show mainstay Jack Magill. The show has been on-air now for eighteen months and continues to play a wide range of music from the North.  If you fit this criteria and would like some airplay, send your songs in mp3 clean radio edit (or download links) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.