Article Index

Jason Anderson

Managing Director

Presenter - The Breakfast Show

(Mon to Sat) - 7-10am


Lee Theasby

Operations Director

Presenter - The Morning Show/Lee At Lunch

(Mon to Fri) 10am-1pm

Presenter - Kick Up The 80's

Sat - 2-5pm and Sun 10am-1pm

Alice Jackson

Presenter - The Afternoon Show/Big Drive Home

(Mon to Fri) 2-6pm


Michelle Moorhead

Presenter - The Evening Show

(Mon to Thurs) 7-10pm



Graeme Blakey

Presenter - Relax

(Mon to Thurs) 10pm-Midnight


Sara Louise

Presenter - Partyzone

(Fri and Sat) 7pm - Midnight


Paul Suggitt

Presenter - Saturday Show

(Sat) 10am - 1pm


 Kenny Layton

Presenter - Sunday Breakfast

(Sun) 7-10am


Andrew Tweed

Presenter - Solid Gold Sunday

(Sun) 2-6pm



Dan Walton

Presenter - Sunday Evening Show

(Sun) 7-10pm

Jack Magill & Mike Thompson

Presenters - The Northern Beat

(Sun) 10-11pm