'Tunes To Chew To' certainly gets a fair number of requests every weekday but we've been getting a lot of tweets lately from fans of New Kids On The Block, the former late 80's/early 90's boyband, who have made a comeback in the last year or so.  The lads have toured with Backstreet Boys and as we've found out on 102.4 Radio Hartlepool, NKOTB (as they are now known as) have a strong fanbase.

'Crash' is the comeback single and the 'blockheads' (as we hope they don't mind us calling them) have embarked on a twitter campaign to get the song played on a number of radio stations across the uk - a lot of those stations have ignored the request but we here at 102.4 Radio Hartlepool aim to please and have played it a number of times for the fans.  As a comeback its a very impressive one!

Following the twitter campaign, the ladies have gone one step further and made a video to accompany 'Crash' and it features over 100 fans miming along to the song and it took ages to make so we thought we would include it here for you to watch.  Well done blockheads!


NKOTB 'Crash' fan video